Day School training allows you the flexibility of having your dog trained by our professional trainer during the day, and your dog returns home with you each night. It is a great option for the busy household, for those who feel overwhelmed by the thought of training, or for dogs with difficult behaviours who need a little extra help.
Please note we are booked until the beginning of December for Day School training at this time.

Puppy training stoney creek

Day School students will spend the day learning with us and our own personal dogs. Students will get several one on one training sessions throughout the day, pack walks, socialization, down time, and play all while also learning real life skills and behaviours that will translate into a better behaved dog at home. We will provide you with the tools and skills to take your dogs new learnings and use them at your own home. Day School students will attend four days a week for a minimum of two weeks, and participate in two “go home” training sessions to learn how to apply the training.


Puppy training Stoney Creek

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puppy training stoney creek