Dogs need exercise! No matter their size or age, exercise is vital for a happy and fulfilled dog. Many behaviour issues can be solved simply by giving your dog an outlet to get rid of their excess energy. So if you are short on time, or maybe your dog just needs more exercise than you can give him, our Pack Walks will ensure your dog is good and tired by the time you get home from work. Since we are also dog trainers, dogs who walk with us will also learn proper walking etiquette and manners. We offer a variety of dog walking options to suit your individual dogs needs. We currently serve the lower Stoney Creek area.

Individual Walks – One-on-one walks in your neighbourhood

1/2 hour – $25
One hour – $40

Pack Walks – Group walks with 2 or more dogs in and around lower Stoney Creek

One hour – $25

Adventure Walks – Group hikes with 2 or more dogs at various trails in the Hamilton area

2 hours – $40
Includes pick up and drop off

dog walking stoney creek
dog walking stoney creek
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