Get your puppy started off on the right track at an early age to set you up for success in the future! Our puppy training will give you the skills to raise a well behaved dog, and your puppy the skills needed to become a good canine citizen!

Puppy Privates

Our Puppy Private program is unlike any of your typical puppy group classes. Training is conducted in the convenience of your home and on your schedule with a focus on helping you raise your puppy with as little stress as possible! We teach you how to address typical puppy issues like crate training, house breaking, mouthing, and jumping. How to avoid having your puppy develop unwanted behaviours such as excessive barking, digging and chewing.  We will also introduce your puppy to basic commands like sit, down, and come. Your puppy will learn to accept general handling for vet visits and grooming, and we provide you with a comprehensive plan for successful socialization.
 This program includes:
– 5 one-hour sessions over the course of 5 weeks
– Training leash
– Socialization Passport booklet
– Detailed training program to implement at home
– Unlimited email support throughout the course to ensure you have success between each class
Investment: $525
Requirements: Puppies 8 weeks and older
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