Board and Train

A Board and Train is a great option for owners who are busy, struggling to implement the training themselves, or would just like to have their dog trained by a professional. Our Board and Train dogs live in our home and participate in our daily activities. They get individual training sessions, field trips, and socialization with other dogs and people. Dogs stay with us Monday to Friday and get to go home to their families on weekends! We provide detailed homework to implement at home over the weekend to ensure success.

At this time we only offer Board and Trains for those who wish to use remote collar training. In our 10+ years of experience, the remote collar has proven to be the best resource and tool that provides results and ensures success for the humans and dogs upon returning home after the Board and Train.

Advanced Off Leash Program


4 weeks | $3500 plus HST

This program is for those who dream of having a dog who listens, and want to be able to confidently and safely have them off leash. With the use of remote collar training, we will teach your dog how to listen even with high level distractions.

If your dog is reactive we will have to add an additional week (cost $875).

What is included:

  • Obedience commands (sit, down, stay, place)
  • Loose leash walking (heel)
  • Reliable off leash recall (coming when called)
  • Addressing unwanted behaviours (jumping, digging, barking, etc)
  • Additional commands (drop, leave it, get back)
  • Ecollar Technologies remote collar
  • Prong collar or slip lead
  • Detailed homework for the weekends when the dog returns home
  • 3 private go home sessions
  • Access to our Group Drop In training practices for the life of your dog
  • Additional private training at a discounted rate (beyond the 3 go home sessions)


  • Minimum 6 months of age
  • In good health
  • Crate trained
  • House trained
  • No aggression
  • Up to date on core vaccinations (or titre tested)

What to expect

A common misconception is that a Board and Train will “fix” your dog and your dog will come home and no longer need any training. The reality is that we will teach your dog all the skills they need and address any unwanted behaviours, but it it will be up to you to maintain everythng they learned. Environment plays a huge role in the behaviour of your dog so ensuring that everyone who lives with the dog is on board with training is critical in ensuring success after a Board and Train.

After a Board and Train you can expect your dog to:

  • Walk politely on leash
  • Not jump on guests
  • Listen to their obedience commands
  • Wait politely at the door until invited out
  • Be able to drop and leave even high value items
  • Come when called even off leash with high level distractions
  • Go to the “place” when told
  • Stop barking when told
  • Be able to handle a variety of environments
  • Settle when needed

What our training clients are saying:

We met Katherine when we got a new puppy and needed help with training, the one on one was amazing. She is very knowledgeable and caring. Now we have an amazing Dog with a wonderful disposition!
Thank you Katherine
Tara with Roo

I can’t say enough about The Crunchy Canine. I initially contacted Katherine to help me train my 5 month old puppy. I’ve had previous dogs and they were always badly behaved, so I wanted to know the tricks to fix these behaviours. I learned so much that that I kept her on a little longer to help me with my 5 year old dog. All her ideas worked. I can proudly say I don’t have bad dogs. I truly recommend them!
Judy with Pippa

Katherine is an excellent trainer. We are first time puppy owners and she has been a great person to work with and helping us to train our dog to be obedient and a great family pet
Joe with River