Benji the Beagle mix

“I highly recommend Katherine and her team at The Crunchy Canine. Training is tactful and effective, for both humans and doggies. Big bonus if you can also tap into puppy socialization.
As a first-time dog owner, I gained confidence in how to handle all sorts of dog situations, and can take Benji with me to many places now. He walks beside me nicely, doesn’t snarl at other dogs across the street and has even grown to like the cat.
All through the guidance and education from The Crunchy Canine. Thank you.”
Karen with Benji in Hamilton, Ontario

Logan the German Shepherd

“Amazing trainers! We completed the advanced off leash program with Katherine for our young GSD. The knowledge, guidance and support is second to none. Our boy now attends the awesome day camp every Wednesday as well. We have a dog we can go out with and enjoy living with because of the support we received and all we have learned. Highly recommend their services.”

Stephanie with Logan in Waterford, Ontario

Ted the Bernese Mountain Dog

“We signed up for the Perfect Pet Program for our Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy and are SO happy that we did! Training in our home and neighbourhood was super helpful, and having it be one on one allowed for us to really focus on our concerns. Katie was fantastic, super patient and hands on. She was always a text away if we had any questions and always followed up our sessions with an email containing information about everything we had worked on that day. We would definitely recommend Crunchy Canine!”

Caitie with Ted the Bernese Mountain Dog

Lyric earning off leash freedom

“I did the freedom from the leash program with Katie with my pup, Lyric and absolutely loved it! I was able to start off leash hikes with her before she was a year old. Everyone with the Crunchy Canine is fantastic and I would highly recommend.”






Samantha with Lyric

“Wow the difference my dog’s training has had on him makes a world of difference he’s a big guy American Bully who weighs over 90 lb so his pulling was an issue but not anymore I could not recommend anything more than I am right now our trainer Lia is a true professional always on time and every time she comes we all learn something new yes I would recommend anyone who has issue with their dog to please call them you won’t have to worry about it anymore”






Fran with Ace in Hamilton

Levon the reactive hound dog

“Just finished the Reactive rover program this week for my almost 5 year old dog and I am so grateful for everything our trainer Lia has taught us. We feel so much more confident going forward with¬†the tools and knowledge we got from the training sessions. Thank you to the Crunchy Canine team and especially Lia for everything!!”

Tessa with Levon in Hamilton