Name: Bentley
Problem: Resource Guarding (bones and other items)
Solution: 2 week Day School with remote collar to teach Bentley to drop items without guarding.

“Bentley did not have any discipline problems, except when it came to resource guarding high value treats (i.e., bones). Being a new dog owner I thought giving Bentley these treats would be a great way to entertain and minimize the tartar buildup around his gums. However, it was not an enjoyable task because he would guard, growl, become still, and sometimes bite when you attempted to take it away. The only way you could safely remove the bone (or high value treat) was when he was finished or when there was a greater distraction. With the e-collar and the help of Katherine, I can now give Bentley any high value treat without him resource guarding. As soon as I tell him to “out” or drop, Bentley resource guardingis able to walk away from the treat that was given, without growling or trying to resource guard.”

Sophia with Bentley

Stoney Creek, Ontario


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