german shepherd puppy training
Lisa and Matt contacted us to help with their young and energetic working line German Shepherd.With two young kids in the house, a senior Chocolate Lab, and busy lifestyle they needed some extra help getting Bear trained so they could enjoy him rather than be frustrated with him. They signed Bear up for our 8 week Freedom From the Leash program to get him trained and able to be off leash. Bear is a lovely young dog who simply didn’t know how to calm down. You can see in the below video the stages he went through to learn the art of “calm on command” by just relaxing on place. Many young and high energy breeds never learn how to “turn off” that energy and their owners think they need more exercise. While exercise is ABSOLUTELY important, some dogs even with all the exercise in the world still don’t know how to relax. So we taught Bear how to relax, as well as taught him to walk nicely on leash and gave him new found freedom by training him to be off leash so he can run and burn some of that energy off!

Bear learning the art of being calm

Bear learning to walk nicely on leash

Bear off leash

“Katherine is hands down the best dog trainer we have ever met and we have met many over the years. She loves dogs and they love her! She transformed our crazy, strong willed german shepherd puppy into an amazing family dog we can finally enjoy! If you want the best, you need Katherine! She is wonderful to work with and goes above and beyond to help you succeed. I would give 10 stars if I could.” – Lisa (Bear’s owner)

If you need help with your young energetic dog, we’d love to help!