Ashley contacted us for help with her young Boxer named Bowie. He was the definition of an out of control dog. Jumping on guests, mouthing to get his way, pawing for attention, extreme pulling on leash, no manners, etc. Over the course of 6 weeks we taught Bowie what was expected of him, and how to behave so he didn’t have to go in his crate all the time, and could actually go out and enjoy walks! Here is the message we got from his owners before our final session;boxer training

“Last night I had work friends over and they had never met Bowie before.  As most dogs are, he was very excited to see new people, but instead of jumping all over them he stayed down but was still his loveable self!  I was amazed!

Usually throughout the night with people over he sniffs around, knocking things over and trying to eat everything, instead he lied down next to my chair the entire time, when my friends called him over he would walk over calmly and let them pet him but did not mouth them or get too aggressive!  We had NO accidents and he got MANY compliments on how well behaved he is! I didn’t ever feel the need to crate him (which usually happens when we have lots of people over) I wanted to cry! “
Ashley with Bowie in Hamilton
If your dog sounds like Bowie, give us a call and we can help you!