Shirley called us for help with Dexter’s barking in the apartment, reactivity to dogs, and intense prey drive. We focused on desensitizing Dexter to noises in the building, teaching him how to walk past dogs without barking and spinning, and how to harness his prey drive so he can go for a walk without freaking out at all the critters. dog training at the park in Burlington

“What I thought was a barking problem, has turned into a dog that just needed a little guidance and leadership from me to understand I am here to protect him. Dexter was a little disruptive to our apartment neighbours, so we have worked on building our relationship so that he can be less anxious with all the noises. Katherine has also worked with me on crittering and teaching Dexter distraction to help with reacting to high energy situations. I feel much more confident now when we are walking that I can handle any situation without getting into the dreaded red zone. Katherine is flexible, down to earth, relatable, and knowledgeable. She teaches you practical exercises to do that are so simple. I am sad our sessions are coming to an end soon, but I look forward to all the other activities available through Canines In Balance. I definitely plan to continue and do more training.”

Shirley with Dexter

Burlington, Ontario

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