Make training your dog fun!

Everything your dog does depends on you. YOU let him out of his crate in the morning. YOU feed him. YOU let him outside to play. [Hopefully], YOU walk him and play with him. YOU control your dog’s daily activities, resources and environment. Essentially you are your dogs whole world. Not only does your dog deserve to have some fun with you, but dogs who get out and have fun with their owners are overall more well rounded and well behaved dogs. Dogs who are bored, don’t get enough exercise, and have owners who never get out and have fun with them often have behavioural issues. Having some fun with your dog is also great for relationship building, and a great opportunity to do some training! So get out there and find something that you and your dog both enjoy doing together. Go for a hike, hit the beach, go for a bike ride, strap on the rollerblades, or simply enjoy a nice long walk together. If you make a goal of getting out and having fun with your dog every day, you will have a much happier dog.

Your dog may not be your whole world, but you are certainly his!
Dog Training Tips Katherine and porter playing outside