What you feed your dog matters!

Before you begin training, make sure your dog is eating a healthy diet. They learn best when theTraining tip dog foody feel their best, and it will only make training easier. No different than sending a kid to school on a diet that consists of only fast foods, dogs require a healthy and balanced diet to thrive. Unfortunately, the big name kibbles (ie. Purina, Iams, Hills etc.) are not quality foods. We suggest that you visit and check to see how your dog’s food ranks. Anything lower than 4 stars needs to be thrown away, as that is the McDonald’s of kibble. Some brands of kibble we suggest are Acana, Orijen, Nature’s Variety, or Carna4. However, we feed our own dogs a complete raw diet and strongly suggest looking into it. Dogs who are fed a raw diet tend to see the vet less often, have shiny and healthy coats, shed less, have clean ears and eyes, and less likely to suffer from allergies.