Use food like a pay cheque for trainingDog training with food rewards

Dogs are bred to work! 90% of pet dogs live an unfulfilled life as they are never given a job. We do everything for them without them ever having to earn anything. No different than people who are handed everything to them, dogs who live an unfulfilled life are usually bratty, entitled and pushy. An easy way to have your dog work is to work for their meals. Your dog will still be getting the same amount of food, and will appreciate their new job! You can use food for obedience, while walking, to work on the place command, in a food toy like a Kong Wobbler or using the “Feeding the Chickens” method (see second picture below – kibble scattered through the grass). By providing your dog with purpose he will naturally be happier and better behaved! So give it a try! Try for at least one whole week to get rid of the food bowl and have your dog earn their pay cheque! I guarantee you will see a difference in your dog’s behaviour for the better!
using food to train german shepherd