Easy Dog Training TipsEasy Dog Training Tips

One of the first things I always tell my clients is that they don’t necessarily need to set aside a certain amount of time for training their dog each day. What they do need to do is start incorporating the exercises I teach them into their everyday life. This not only saves clients time, because lets face it, the main reason people fail at training their dog is because they “don’t have the time to train every day”, but it also establishes real world training rather than a set of tricks your dog does for a cookie.In my opinion there is an opportunity to train at any given time throughout the day. If you get rid of the “I have to train 30 minutes everyday” mentality and make it a lifestyle rather than a set of rules to follow, life will become easier for everyone in your house. Dogs are creatures of habit, so if you build behaviours into their daily routine it will naturally become habit to offer the behaviours you want.So how do you train your dog without training your dog? Simple…try a few of these exercises to get started!
Have your dog in a down stay outside of the kitchen while you prepare and eat dinner. This will result in no begging, and no tripping over your dog while trying to cook.
Incorporate some sits during your walk. This builds the automatic sit so anytime you stop your dog will sit.
Incorporate some sit/stays during your walk. This will start to incorporate real life distractions into the stay command while still on leash.
Ask your dog to wait to be released before going outside. This will minimize the risk of your dog running out the front door, as well as respecting you and your space.
Simple lifestyle changes like these can create big changes in your dog’s behaviour. Call us today to find out more! Easy dog training tips
Happy Training!
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