Dog Training GTA“Four months ago, I was about to abandon my dog that I rescued in July 2013. He was a hellhound in many ways. He would eat up my shoes, run away at every chance, pee all over me, and not affectionate at all. I have had dogs all my life; and took this dog to three rounds of dog training in Toronto. At the end of day, I was at wit’s ends! Katherine at Canines In Balance was my last resort before I completely abandon this dog. Turns out, she saved my dog and my outlook towards him. As she puts it, I had the wrong tools. She patiently empowered me with proper tools and skills to ensure my dog and I bonded as a unit. It started immediately from 1st week and continuously improved as the weeks followed. Katherine’s style is gentle and non-invasive. It is truly a “balanced” approach.

Overall, kudos to Katherine for her continued support and attention. Because of Katherine, my dog trusts me as a responsible decent human being and not those that had abused him previously; and most of all, I love my dog!”

– Victor with Hunter
GTA, Ontario dog training gta

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