“The Crunchy Canine and Katherine helped my Rose with pulling on the leash, jumping up, stealing stuff and chewing it to bits. I couldn’t walk her because she was pulling and biting on the leash. So I was afraid to take her for walks. After 1 or 2 private sessions Rose was much more calm. Now, I can walk her nicely. Over just a few weeks Rose really matured. I can see the understanding in her eyes when I interact with her. She is relaxed and I can now let her have the run of the house (with supervision)
I can leave food out and other tempting items and Rose doesn’t touch them, or if she does, I say¬†drop it and she does. She has also learned ‘wait’ and ‘go back’. Those are useful commands when opening the front door. She waits by the door and doesn’t lunge out the door.
Katherine is very professional. and she has helped me after hours and in between our regular sessions.
I highly recommend!!”

Amy with Rose in Port Dover