Willow the Nervous Rescue | Dog training Hamilton

“Highly recommend Katherine from the Crunchy Canine. We did the freedom from the leash course with our shy rescue pup. Katherine was great from the beginning and was able to befriend our dog who is nervous around strangers. We were able to achieve off leash obedience, something we never thought we’d be able to achieve. Not only that, we also got tips and worked on things outside of the course, such as teaching her to feel more comfortable around people. We even got to have some practice meeting Tracy the assistant as a ‘stranger’. We loved her flexibility to help with problems specific to our dog, and how we were able to train in different settings to proof her off leash skills. It’s clear that Katherine has your dogs best interest in mind and is committed to helping your dog be the best version of themselves.”

Beatrice with Willow, Hamilton, ON